Pumpfoiling looks indeed elegant and when foiling over glassy water, you can hardly hear the mast cutting through the water – an unforgettable feeling!

However, when Pumpfoiling, there will be no way around the dockstart – unless you always want to be towed in by a boat… 

Watching an experienced pumpfoiler may looks simple, however, you can be sure that also she/he has invested many trials and hours to succeed in dockstarting. In the video below, you will find some tipps and tricks how to be more successful with your first dockstarts. Have a look at it and try it yourself! – but do not get frustrated and disappointed, in case the first few trials do not work out as expected. It will take between 150 and 300 trials to master your first pumps. You can also attend a pumpfoiling class to get more hints and tricks and exchange with other foilers. We wish you a lot of fun with your first trials – do not forget to record them, these will be funny memories when looking back after a few months.

Check out also the Article “One year of pumpfoiling” and have fun watching how the rider philipp4u2 tried to master his first trials ?

Training Video Dockstart