Pumpfoil Spots

Pumpfoiling has many advantages over other foiling sports. In most foiling sports you need either wind, waves or a boat that gives you the necessary propulsion to enjoy the foiling. When pumpfoiling, you generate the propulsion with your own muscle power. But there is still the start phase and for that you need a suitable place.

Basically, you can do pumpfoiling anywhere where there is no prohibition and you can find a suitable dock, wall, stone or similar from which you can start.

But what makes a good starting place and how do you find it? For sure, every pumpfoiler has already asked himself that question. The more experienced you are, the less perfect the starting position has to be.

The easiest way to find suitable spots is to ask your friends who already practice pumpfoiling. Another option is to look for suitable spots in the internet. An overview of different spots can be found on foilersworld.com

If you attend a training course with us, we will select a suitable location in consultation with you. We make sure that it will fit your skills level and be safe, also taking the current conditions like e.g. water level and wind in consideration. Of course, we also pay attention to how you stand on the board, i.e. whether “regular” or “goofy” – i.e. which leg you place on the front of the board.

In casey you have any questions about the spot selection, we are also happy to assist you.